P. Beremlijski

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The velocity of movement and applied load affect the production of mechanical power output and subsequently the extent of the adaptation stimulus in strength exercises. We do not know of any known function describing the relationship of power and velocity and load in the bench press exercise. The objective of the study is to find a function modeling of the(More)
We study the discretized problem of the shape optimization of three-dimensional elastic bodies in unilateral contact. The aim is to extend existing results to the case of contact problems obeying the Coulomb friction law. Mathematical modelling of the Coulomb friction problem leads to an implicit variational inequality. It is shown that for small(More)
The present paper deals with shape optimization in discretized two-dimensional (2D) contact problems with Coulomb friction, where the coefficient of friction is assumed to depend on the unknown solution. Discretization of the continuous state problem leads to a system of finite-dimensional implicit variational inequalities, parametrized by the so-called(More)
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