P. Beckmann

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The time-delay-method introduces a certain structure in form of symmetries into reconstructed data sets. We show, that this structure may cause resonance-like phenomena in Lyapunov-calculations. The " resonance-effects " can be avoided by a small modification of the algorithms. The time-delay-method is a widly used technique for the reconstruction of data(More)
Under selected conditions, nonlinear dynamical systems, which can be described by deterministic models, are able to generate so-called deterministic chaos. In this case the dynamics show a sensitive dependence on initial conditions, which means that different states of a system, being arbitrarily close initially, will become macroscopically separated for(More)
The value of π has engaged the attention of many mathematicians and calculators from the time of Archimedes to the present day, and has been computed from so many different formulae, that a complete account of its calculation would almost amount to a history of mathematics. The history of pi is a quaint little mirror of the history of man. Understanding the(More)
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