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510 of 1009 pregnant women in the Trondheim area (Norway) were randomly selected for ultrasound examination at the 19th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy in addition to routine antenatal care. Among the screened women, twins were diagnosed earlier and there were slightly fewer post-term inductions (2.8% versus 4.0%) and fewer low-weight births (2.2% versus 3.6%(More)
A 1-year study of all registered accidents was carried out. All patients treated for an injury at the Trondheim University Hospital, Norway, were recorded. This is the only institution in the region treating injuries. Hence, this is a total injury registration in a defined population. The incidence rate was 114 injuries per 1000 inhabitants. Home accidents(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether the birthweight of Scandinavian children varies according to the social class of their parents, especially the mother. Data were taken from the Scandinavian part of an international multicentre study of fetal growth and perinatal outcome. The occupations of the pregnant woman, her spouse and her parents were(More)
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