P. Baliarsingh

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In the present paper, new classes of difference sequence spaces X(C, D a , u, p) for X 2 {' 1 , c, c 0 } are introduced by using the fractional difference operator D a , defined by D a ðx k Þ ¼ P 1 i¼0 ðÀ1Þ i Cðaþ1Þ i!CðaÀiþ1Þ x kþi , where (u n) is a sequence satisfying certain conditions and a is a proper fraction. In fact, the operator D a generalizes(More)
The purpose of this paper is to generalize the Euler sequences of nonabsolute type by introducing a generalized Euler mean difference operator E r (∆ (˜ α)) of order α. We investigate their topological structures as well as some interesting results concerning the operator E r (∆ (˜ α)) for a proper fractioñ α. Also we obtain the α-, β-and γ-duals of these(More)
Rourkela. Neither this thesis nor any part of it has been submitted for any degree or academic award elsewhere. Acknowledgment We would like to gratefully acknowledge the enthusiastic supervision and guidance of Prof. Pankaj Kumar Sa during this work. His suggestions and constant encouragement proved to be an immense source of motivation. We are very much(More)
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