P. Balasubramanie

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Keywords: Fuzzy knowledge-based decision support system Musculoskeletal disorder Shoulder and neck pain Domain expert Analytic hierarchy processing Fuzzy set theory a b s t r a c t This research develops a fuzzy knowledge-based decision support system (FKBDSS) that measures and predicts the degree of severity of the work-related risk associated with(More)
— Web service technology has gained more important role in developing distributed applications and systems on the Internet. Rapid growth of published Web services makes their discovery more and more difficult. There exist many web services which exhibit similar functional characteristics. It is imperative to provide service consumers with facilities for(More)
In Internet applications, due to the growth of big data with more features, intrusion detection has become a difficult process in terms of computational complexity, storage efficiency and getting optimized solutions of classification through existing sequential computing environment. Using a parallel computing model and a nature inspired feature selection(More)
— This paper presents a new algorithm based on integrating Genetic Algorithms and Tabu Search methods to solve the Job Shop Scheduling problem. The idea of the proposed algorithm is derived from Genetic Algorithms. Most of the scheduling problems require either exponential time or space to generate an optimal answer. Job Shop scheduling (JSS) is the general(More)
The main objective of third and future wireless mobile communication networks is to provide services efficiently to the mobile users in all environments. In wireless mobile Communication the channel allocation and quality of service are the major factors and important issues to decide the system performance. Here in our work a Hybrid Channel(More)
Most ad hoc network routing algorithms are designed primarily for networks that are always connected. While it is certainly desirable to maintain a connected network, various conditions may cause a mobile ad hoc network to become partitioned. If the partitions last for a long duration of time, then it is not possible to deliver a packet from source to(More)
Traditional association rules are mostly mining intra-transaction associations i.e., associations among items within the same transaction where the idea behind the transaction could be the items bought by the same customer. In our work, we utilize the framework of inter-transaction association rules, which associate events across a window of transaction.(More)