P. Bahoumina

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This study presents the results on the feasibility of a resonant planar chemical capacitive sensor in the microwave frequency range suitable for gas detection and for wireless communications applications. The objective is to develop a low cost ultra-sensitive sensor that can be integrated into a real time multi-sensing platform. The first demonstrators(More)
This paper presents the feasibility of a novel gas sensor based on electromagnetic transduction and Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) sensitive materials. The sensor is designed to provide a differential detection, by comparing the frequency response with and without the sensitive material, in the frequency band between 1 GHz to 10 GHz and can operate for wireless(More)
This paper presents an inkjet printing capacitive microwave sensor for toxic vapor detection. The designed sensors were presented and fabricated with success. The experiments show sensitivity to ethanol vapor according to the S parameters. It is equal to 0.9 kHz/ppm and 1.3 kHz/ppm for the sensors based on 5 and 50 sensitive layers respectively. This sensor(More)
Inkjet-printed RF electronics fabricated on paper and other flexible substrates are introduced as a low-cost solution for the sensor applications. Inkjet printing is an additive process that has enabled various disruptive technologies combining new materials with novel multidisciplinary operation concepts. This paper presents a fully inkjet printed(More)
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