P B Nirmala

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Using polyclonal antibodies against estrogen receptor and ubiquitin, the ubiquitination of the estrogen receptor has been demonstrated in both in vitro and in vivo conditions. The ubiquitination of the estrogen receptor is estradiol specific and is enhanced by estradiol. Estrogen withdrawal is associated with decreased ubiquitination of the estrogen(More)
A 55-kDa protein (p55), purified from the goat uterine cytosol, transports estrogen receptor (ER) into the nucleus. Selective elution of this protein from a column of estrogen receptor-Sepharose using buffers containing high concentrations of lysine and the high affinity with which it binds to poly-L-lysine-Sepharose indicate that it recognizes a(More)
A 55-kDa protein (p55) that mediates the transport of the estrogen receptor (ER) from the cytoplasm to the nucleus has been purified to homogeneity from goat uterine cytosol. Using this pure protein, some of the aspects of the mechanisms associated with the transport of the ER to the nucleus have been elucidated. The mechanism of ER transport into the(More)
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