P B Mueller

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A number of studies have found that listeners are often able to differentiate the voices of young and old speakers accurately. Following an overview of structural and functional changes found in studies of aging larynges, this article examines current findings on maximum phonation duration, voice quality, vocal jitter/shimmer, spectral noise, and(More)
We investigated speaking fundamental frequency and periodicity of voicing during conversational speech in a 105-year-old woman. Analyses revealed higher mean speaking fundamental frequency compared to previously published data obtained from elderly women. In the absence of normative data, the results of cepstrum analyses performed on vowels produced during(More)
Speaking fundamental frequency (F(0)) characteristics were determined for nine centenarian females and nine young adult females. Mean, maximum, and minimum F(0) values were obtained for each subject from a minimum of 20 s of continuous speech. Results indicated that female centenarians have significantly lower mean and minimum speaking F(0) values than(More)
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