P. B. Kazakova

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On the 15th day of pregnancy rats were exposed for 2 h to the action of hypoxia equivalent to an altitude of 8000 m, and on the 18th day of pregnancy they were given three injections of [3H]thymidine. A quantitative autoradiographic study was made of the cerebral cortical neurons of the progeny at the age of 30 days. Rats surviving intrauterine hypoxia were(More)
To have objective quantitative characterization of the structural features of alcoholic encephalopathy after abstinence, a morphometric analysis was made of the changes in nerve and glial cells of the sensorimotor brain cortex of rats 7 days after the discontinuation of long alcoholization of the animals. A significant decrease of the density and size of(More)
The problem of the compensat ion of disturbed functions of the central nervous system, a mat ter of considerable theore t ica l and p rac t i ca l impor tance , has been invest igated by several Soviet neurophysiologists [2-4]. Animal experiments have shown that the compensation of disturbed functions associated with substantial injuries to the central(More)
New data are reported concerning the specificities of architectonic disorders in oligophrenia, being especially marked at stages of idiocy and imbecility. The authors feel that the insufficiency of the cortical blood supply as a result of the congenital and dystrophic impairments of the angioarchitectonics may be essential for the development of(More)
Clinical, neuropsychologic, neurophysiologic as well as neuromorphologic (in legal cases) examinations of Chernobyl liquidators were performed. In addition, the study was made of the monkeys exposed to 1,5 Gy radiation. The results obtained testified to the organic character of cerebral damages. They may be characterised as chronic progressive(More)
Fifteen patients with oligophrenia (6 men and 9 women) who died at the age of 21 to 65 years were studied clinically and morphologically. Two groups were identified: 1) oligophrenia complicated by the convulsive syndrome (8 observations) and 2) oligophrenia without the above syndrome (7 observations). The first group was characterized by gross morphological(More)
Neurosensitization effects on the state of the ribonucleoprotein particles and chromatin in nuclei of the Vth layer cortical neurons were studied in female rats. Anti-brain antibodies were investigated in their offspring on the 30th and 60th days. On the 60th day the electron-cytochemical changes were found in the nuclei suggesting the deterioration of(More)