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— Over-coupled microdisk resonators with high intrinsic quality factors are proposed as compact and low-insertion-loss delay lines for narrowband optical filters. Design challenges including dealing with the multimode nature of the microdisk resonator and achieving a strong coupling to the selected mode are addressed. Employing the microdisk-based delay(More)
ACKNOWLEGMENTS First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, Prof. Ali Adibi, for his support and guidance throughout my PhD years, and for giving me the chance to be a part of the Georgia Tech community. the past six years. for their kind efforts in reviewing the present dissertation, and for honoring me with their presence at my doctoral defense(More)
To my mother, my wife, and in the loving memory of my father v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS At the onset, I wish to thank Prof. Ali Adibi not only for being my advisor but also for being my best friend during my Ph.D. He trained me to be an independent researcher and imbibed me with the sense of confidence to search for solutions with hope and patience. I am thankful(More)
We demonstrate a compact, thermally reconfigurable reflection canceller on SOI for adaptive on-chip optical isolation without reliance on magneto-optic or nonlinear properties. An isolation ratio of 34dB is achieved with an insertion loss of <0.15dB. Elimination of unwanted feedback in optical networks can be necessary for various reasons. For example, the(More)
This paper encompasses a super helical memory system's design, 'Boolean logic & image-logic' as a theoretical concept of an invention-model to 'store time-data' in terms of anticipating the best memory location ever for data/time. A waterfall effect is deemed to assist the process of potential-difference output-switch into diverse logic states in quantum(More)
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