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Neurofilaments, the neuron-specific intermediate filaments, are composed of three immunochemically distinct subunits: NF-L, NF-M and NF-H that can be either phosphorylated or unphosphorylated. In mammals, the distribution of these subunits has been described in vestibular ganglion neurons, but there are no reports on the presence of neurofilaments in(More)
Immunocytochemical and morphometric analyses were combined to demonstrate the presence of neuron subpopulations in the rat vestibular ganglion. Monoclonal antibodies reacting with neurofilament proteins (NF), calbindin-D 28K (CaBP) and calretinin (CaR) were used. Three subpopulations were identified: (1) CaBP- and CaR-positive neurons were the largest(More)
Semithin sections (1 micron) of human fetuses and young cat vestibular epithelium embedded in Epon were reacted with primary antibodies raised against myosin, tropomyosin, and actin. The results were very similar in the two species. Myosin and tropomyosin were colocalized and strictly limited to an apical superficial corona arranged in a punctiform pattern.(More)
The study of the regulation of uteroglobin gene in the rabbit endometrium constitutes a model for analyzing the mechanism of action of progesterone in mammals. The gene has been cloned into lambda phage and sequenced. Comparison of the sequence of the gene with the amino acid sequence of preuteroglobin and the three-dimensional structure of uteroglobin(More)
Hybrid phages containing the uteroglobin gene were isolated from a library of Charon 4A lambda phages carrying fragments of rabbit genome. Two phages which contain overlapping rabbit DNA covering approximately 35 kilobase pairs (kb) on both sides of the uteroglobin gene have been analyzed. One of the phages contains the complete gene. Digestion of rabbit(More)
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  • 2005
M i l b e n b e f a l l der Behausung der angeblichen ,,Wahn-Befallenen" die Ursache deren Verstortheit war. Milbenbefall wird haufig von Desinfektoren and praktischen Schadlingsbekampfern nicht als solcher erkannt. In einem solchen Falle konnte z . B . ein Befall jener Wohnung mit GIyciphagus festgestellt and sodann der betreffenden Frau geholfen werden .(More)
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