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In vivo administration of pertussis toxin is often used to study the involvement of guanine nucleotide binding proteins in signal transduction. Especially when it is administered in the brain the effect is often poor. This could be due to the fact that pertussis toxin does not reach the area of interest. To evaluate the extent to which pertussis toxin is(More)
Knowledge of the error structure of a given set of experimental data is a necessary prerequisite for incisive analysis and for discrimination between alternative mathematical models of the data set. A reaction system consisting of glutathione S-transferase A (glutathione S-aryltransferase), glutathione, and 3,4-dichloro-1-nitrobenzene was investigated under(More)
Chronic pertussis toxin treatment (5 days) of NG108-15 neuroblastoma X glioma hybrid cells had no significant effect on basal cyclic AMP levels whereas it effectively blocked the inhibitory action of acute (10 min) exposure of carbachol (10(-4)M) on intracellular cyclic AMP accumulation, stimulated by prostaglandin E1. This action of pertussis toxin was(More)
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