P. Arun Babu

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Patients with Liver disease have been continuously increasing because of excessive consumption of alcohol, inhale of harmful gases, intake of contaminated food, pickles and drugs. Automatic classification tools may reduce burden on doctors. This paper evaluates the selected classification algorithms for the classification of some liver patient datasets. The(More)
Citrus fruits have a prominent place among popular and exclusively grown tropical and subtropical fruits. Their nature ,multifold nutritional and medicinal values have made them so important. Sweet Orange Crop expert advisory system is aimed at a collaborative venture with eminent Agriculture Scientist and Experts in the area of Sweet Orange Plantation with(More)
A variety of new applications may be developed using the valuable and tremendous amount of web resources and the web applications that are available in the Internet. To interact with other systems, these web applications needs a standard structured format like XML in developing internet and the web information systems, including web service systems. The(More)
Keywords: Software reliability Safety critical software Software verification Mutation testing Test adequacy Software licensing a b s t r a c t Technological advancements have led to the use of computer based systems in safety critical applications. As computer based systems are being introduced in nuclear power plants, effective and efficient methods are(More)
Safety-critical software must adhere to stringent quality standards and is expected to be thoroughly tested. However, exhaustive testing of software is usually impractical. The two main challenges faced by a software testing team are generation of effective test cases and demonstration of testing adequacy. This paper proposes an intuitive and conservative(More)
  • J Mrs, Anitha, P V G D Prasad Prof, Reddy, M S Prof, Prasad Babu +3 others
  • 2010
Expert system Nephrology is a computer program that exhibits, within a specific domain, a degree of expertise in problem solving that is comparable to that of a human expert. The knowledge base consists of information about a particular problem area. This information is collected from domain experts (doctors). This system mainly contains two modules one is(More)
Medical diagnosis is considered as an important yet complicated task that needs to be executed accurately and efficiently. The automation of this system will be very useful for the medical field. Due to recent technology advances, large masses of medical data are available. These large data contain valuable information for diagnosing diseases. Text mining(More)
The rate of the growth the web has been exponential in the past two decades. The advances that took place in the software and hardware particularly in the past decade are one of the vital factors for the advent growth of data on web. Web mining is application of data mining techniques to discover patterns from the web. Search engine is a software(More)