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More efficient and effective control of supply chains (more appropriately called demand networks) is conservatively worth billions of dollars to the world economy. Developing improved control polices requires simulation of the physical, financial, decision, and data flows involved. This paper describes our initial work on modeling and simulating the(More)
Keywords: Software reliability Safety critical software Software verification Mutation testing Test adequacy Software licensing a b s t r a c t Technological advancements have led to the use of computer based systems in safety critical applications. As computer based systems are being introduced in nuclear power plants, effective and efficient methods are(More)
Safety-critical software must adhere to stringent quality standards and is expected to be thoroughly tested. However, exhaustive testing of software is usually impractical. The two main challenges faced by a software testing team are generation of effective test cases and demonstration of testing adequacy. This paper proposes an intuitive and conservative(More)
With rapid increase in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled applications in various electronic transactions, it has become very important to audit the deployed PKI System regularly and to understand the effectiveness of the system. In this paper we propose an agent-based approach to audit a PKI System.
— Latest technology for better computation and security of data is cloud computing. The key feature of this technology is proving computing services through internet as pay per use to share storage, services, applications, networks without physical acquiring them. So that time taken to organize resources and managing cost reduces a lot. As the cloud is(More)
As software failures in critical systems could be life threatening and catastrophic, the increase in software-based controls for safety operations demand a systematic evaluation of software reliability. To understand the dynamics behind building reliable software, not only is it important to estimate software reliability with high confidence, it is(More)
— Key distribution is an important problem for secure group communications. Multicast is an efficient means of distributing data in terms of resources usage. All the designated receivers or members in a multicast group share a session key. Session keys shall change dynamically to ensure both forward secrecy and backward secrecy of multicast sessions. The(More)
Today's networked computer systems yield great value to businesses and governments, but also create risks. Vulnerabilities in computer systems lead to security and privacy risks. We are going to present how automatically we can detect the vulnerabilities in a software system which is similar to how hackers and security analysts do to discover(More)
A novel idea pertaining to the selection of a processor size for low power IC applications has been proposed. 8-bit processors were introduced in the beginning by Intel. Later, technology has rapidly advanced forcing the designers to go for 32-bit and 64-bit processors for edge cutting, high performance technologies. In this paper, it has been proposed that(More)
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