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Providing complete coverage of sensing field as long as possible and maintaining the connectivity between the nodes is the main motto of the Wireless Sensor networks. The proposed system is implemented to provide maximum connectivity and extension in network-lifetime along with providing secured data transmission which is required for many applications.(More)
This paper presents an area efficient implementation of a high performance parallel multiplier. Radix-4 Booth multiplier with 3:2 compressors and Radix-8 Booth multiplier with 4:2 compressors are presented here. The design is structured for m × n multiplication where m and n can reach up to 126 bits. Carry Lookahead Adder is used as the final adder(More)
Medical images communicate imperative information to the doctors about a patient's health situation. Internet broadcasts these medical images to inaccessible sites of the globe which are inspected by specialist doctors. But data transmissions through unsecured web invoke validation problems for any image data. Medical images that are transmitted through the(More)
A typical seismic analysis involves collection of data by an array of seismometers, transmission over a narrow-band channel, and storage of data for analysis. Transmission and archiving of large volumes of data involves great cost. Hence there is a need to devise suitable methods for compressing the seismic data without compromising on the quality of the(More)
Epilepsy is a pathological condition characterized by spontaneous, unforeseeable occurrence of seizures, during which the perception or behaviour of a person is altered, if not disturbed. In prediction of occurance of seizures, better classification accuracies have been reported with the use of non linear features and hence they have been estimated from(More)
Popular video coding standards like H.264 and MPEG working on the principle of motion-compensated predictive coding demand much of the computational resources at the encoder increasing its complexity. Such bulky encoders are not suitable for applications like wireless low power surveillance, multimedia sensor networks, wireless PC cameras, mobile camera(More)
This paper presents a video coding method based on the principle of distributed source coding. This work aims in shifting the encoder complexity to the decoder to support uplink friendly video applications, simultaneously achieving the rate-distortion performance of the conventional predictive coding system. In this work concept of syndrome coding with(More)
Visually lossless irreversible coding permit compression algorithms to improve the compression gain without disturbing the visual image quality. This paper proposes a novel coding scheme in which wavelet based visual model is embedded into lossless compression algorithm to compress the volumetric medical image data. Obtained experimental results are(More)