P. Antonov

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The effect of integrin receptors on the level and transmembrane localization of cholesterol molecules was investigated in beta1 integrin-expressing (beta1) and beta1 integrin-deficient (beta1 null) cells. We found that the content of specific raft components-cholesterol, sphingomyelin, and caveolin-was increased in integrin-expressing cells. Integrin(More)
Currently, the major problem in the genetic transformation is to understand how such a large molecule as the plasmid DNA passes through the cell membrane. To solve this problem we used a simplified experimental model with Escherichia coli and the plasmid pBR322: the DNA-bacteria mixture was electroporated in a sucrose solution at 0 degree C and at fixed(More)
Electric field pulses used for cell manipulation can cause irreversible cell damage. The mechanisms of the processes leading to such cell damage are very complicated. Our work demonstrated that exponential electric pulses with intensity of 2-7.5 kV/cm and duration of 5.2 ms were able to initiate peroxidation of fatty acid emulsions, liposomal membranes, red(More)
Viscoelastic characteristics (VEC) of old rat aorta (Wistar, 10 months) were obtained by sinusoidal excitation of intraluminal pressure (p) in cylindrical arterial preparations. The pressure excitation frequency (f(exc)) was swept in the range 3-30 Hz up and down at several mean-pressure levels while response volume oscillations were recorded and resonance(More)
Investigations were carried out on the effect of plasma membrane lipid modifications on the fusogenic capacity of control and ras-transformed fibroblasts. The plasma membrane lipid composition was modified by treatment of cells with exogenous phospholipases C and D, sphingomyelinase and cyclodextrin. The used enzymes hydrolyzed definite membrane lipids thus(More)
A simple and rapid nonenzymatic method for radioiodination of phospholipids is described. It involves oxidation of Na125I with TlCl3 (or chloramine-T) in an aqueous medium, with subsequent exposure of the phospholipids, dissolved in chloroform/methanol, to the action of the oxidizing mixture. Purification of the radiolabelled phospholipids was effected by(More)
Blood loss in the dialyzer, the blood lines after their utilization, and the blood needed for laboratory investigations are the main causes of anemia in patients undergoing treatment with periodic hemodialysis. With the aim to reduce blood losses in the dialyzer, to improve dialyzation techniques, and to discover eventual errors in work, measurement of(More)
This communication provides evidence that the thermo-osmotically induced membrane defects and fluxes occurring in plant protoplasts may initiate internalization and fusion of adjacent cells. This phenomenon is called thermofusion of cells.