P. Andre

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Large collections of protein-encoding open reading frames (ORFs) established in a versatile recombination-based cloning system have been instrumental to study protein functions in high-throughput assays. Such 'ORFeome' resources have been developed for several organisms but in virology, plasmid collections covering a significant fraction of the virosphere(More)
Organic-inorganic hybrids were tailored as transparent monoliths and as planar waveguides deposited on borosilicate substrates by the spin coating technique. Laser direct writing process was used to create monomode Y-splitters. The Y-splitter structures were designed and optimized for a coupling ratio of 50 % using a beam propagation method (BPM) software..(More)
Network management and maintenance in optical networks faces additional security challenges arose from increased transparency in optical network components and systems. A review on existing physical security breaches on these types of networks will be presented. From these some of the methodologies for location and detection will be described and(More)
In this paper, a set of optically fed passive remote node (RN) configurations for hybrid wavelength division multiplexing dual-fiber-ring with time division multiplexing single-fiber-trees extended reach passive optical networks are presented. These RNs are pumped with optical power transmitted with the signal from the central office (CO). Three novel(More)
1 A configurable optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM) based on fibre Bragg gratings is reported. Dynamically selection of the add-drop or pass-through functionality is realised according to the control of an optical switch. The OADM performance measurement realised in a 70 km, 3 × 2.5 Gb/s channels dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) experimental(More)
In recent years, optical fiber Raman amplifiers (FRA) have been widely investigated. FRAs use the transmission fiber itself as the gain medium, creating a lossless communication link and reducing the overall noise figure. The later and other promising characteristics put them among the most important technologies in lightwave systems. In Raman amplified(More)
We have witnessed a significant increase in the interest on all-optical signal processing technology, applications, concepts and demonstrations due to the remarkable advance in hybrid and monolithic integration capabilities for optical devices. Sol-gel processing offers a low temperature route for the development of organic-inorganic hybrid (OIH) materials(More)