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BACKGROUND Conflicting reports exist about the mechanism of tacrolimus-induced post-transplant diabetes mellitus. METHODS We analysed intravenous glucose tolerance tests (IVGTT) of 14 paediatric renal transplant recipients on cyclosporin (CsA) microemulsion and 15 patients on tacrolimus (FK506). The groups were similar in age (13.2+/-4.2 vs 13.0+/-3.7(More)
UNLABELLED Infantile cystinosis, a rare lysosomal storage disease of cystine, leads to Fanconi syndrome and end-stage renal failure. After renal transplantation, no recurrence of the disease occurs in the graft, but other organ involvement becomes evident later in life. Diabetes mellitus has been associated with cystinosis, but the mechanisms of impaired(More)
In comparison with morphological changes of the placentae 58 pregnancies of class D and F-diabetics (with diabetic angiolopathy) were analysed. The incidence of toxaemia was 55%. Insulin requirement decreased some days before delivery in 8 cases (14%). The perinatal mortality rate amounted to 17%. Birth weights were found between 2500 and 3000 g in 9 cases,(More)
Children of diabetic mothers are a high-risk group. The perinatal mortality and the malformation frequency of the newborns as well as the psychosomatic, somatic and speech development during childhood until the age of 15 were statistically significantly influenced by quality of metabolic compensation, toxaemia and urinary tract infections during pregnancy.(More)
The etiology of short stature (SST) in Turner syndrome (TS) is still a subject of speculation. A variety of hypotheses have been put forward, from SST as a result of increased intrauterine tissue pressure after fetal lymphedema to haploinsufficiency of a specific growth gene(s). These hypotheses have various statistical-auxological implications on the(More)
A sensitive and versatile radioimmunoassay (RIA) for insulin was established using human insulin standard, a specific guinea pig anti-insulin antiserum and rabbit anti-guinea pig serum. Radioiodination was performed according to a modified chloramine T method. Tracer preparations were used for as long as 6 weeks after iodination. The standard curve ranges(More)
This study evaluates glucose metabolism and insulin secretion in children with Ullrich-Turner syndrome (UTS), chronic renal failure (CRF) and kidney transplantation (KTx) with rh GH therapy using an intravenous glucose infusion test. Before treatment, glucose AUC was significantly increased in all patient groups when compared to normal controls. Both the(More)
Total and free cortisol and cortisol binding globulin (CBG) levels were measured in plasma of 7 fetuses during 22 to 34 weeks of pregnancy and 80 infants aged 1 day to 30 months. In comparison with normal adults, total cortisol levels were significantly diminished (p less than 0.001) both in fetuses and newborn infants aged 2 to 8 days. However, low total(More)