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Eighty-four cases of posterolateral diaphragmatic hernia in children are reviewed. The most frequent signs were respiratory insufficiency, cyanosis and costal indrawing. The diagnosis was clinically established in over one half of the cases. In most of the patients, the studies showed respiratory acidosis. Also, radiological studies showed, in most of the(More)
Mortality Committees are multidisciplinary teams whose function is to analyze preventable causes of death in order to decrease the death rate, to contribute to the education of medical and paramedical staff and also to advise the hospital authorities in medical and administrative decision-making. In this paper we discuss the activities of the Mortality(More)
The healing process carried out during the first 72 hours of the anastomotic line of the small intestine has not been satisfactorily studied. This is a time during which intestinal transit is evaluated and oral feeding is given without being really sure whether there is resistance to rupture and if the open surgical technique favors local infection. For(More)
In Pediatric Hospital, from the National Medical Center, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security were analyzed 96 histological pieces: 59 biopsies, 21 surgical material and 16 slides. There were showed the agreement rate between clinical diagnosis and the end histopathological report from the Pathology Department. The higher correlation rate were with(More)