P. Albertos

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The design of embedded control systems should be addressed in both the controller definition and its implementation. While the design of the controller is based on control theory, the implementation is designed by assuming the principle that control loops can be modeled and implemented as periodic activities. Periodic activities that can be organise(More)
Automatic control, as well as the introduction to programming, are subjects increasingly being taught to young engineering students. For this reason the availability of a suitable platform for the laboratory work becomes a critical decision, in order to promote students’ motivation to experience the theoretical concepts studied in the classroom. Until(More)
In this work, a generalization of the Smith Predictor (SP) is proposed to control linear time-invariant (LTI) time-delay single-input single-output (SISO) systems. Similarly to the SP, the combination of any stabilizing output-feedback controller for the delay-free system with the proposed predictor leads to a stabilizing controller for the delayed system.(More)
in this paper, an attempt to model and evaluate the equal opportunity (EO) conditions of an organization is presented. The main goal is to develop tools to estimate this condition. For that, a measurement system based on clustering techniques is first proposed. In this way, and using numeric, logic and qualitative information, a degree of fulfillment of the(More)
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