P. Alarcon

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Stem cells are self-renewable, pluripotent cells that, in adult life, proliferate by a characteristic asymmetric division in which one daughter cell is committed to differentiation whereas the other remains a stem cell. These cells are also characterized by their ability to differentiate into various cell types under heterotopic environmental influences. In(More)
Soya-based infant formulas (SIF) containing soya flour were introduced almost 100 years ago. Modern soya formulas are used in allergy/intolerance to cows' milk-based formulas (CMF), post-infectious diarrhoea, lactose intolerance and galactosaemia, as a vegan human milk (HM) substitute, etc. The safety of SIF is still debated. In the present study, we(More)
Frequency domain methodology is applied to obtain a nominal model for the Zero-Moment Point (ZMP) stability index of a biped robot in an attempt to establish a relationship between the robot trunk trajectories and the stability margin of the contact surface of the foot (or feet) touching the supporting soil. To this end the biped robot trunk is excited with(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate safety, gastrointestinal tolerance, and growth of a new experimental starter formula (NESF) fortified with lutein, prebiotics, probiotics, nucleotides and beta-carotene, fed to infants within the first months of life. METHODS This was a non-randomized, open, uncontrolled study conducted from December 2010 to May 2011. Twenty-three(More)
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