P. Alarcon

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Stem cells are self-renewable, pluripotent cells that, in adult life, proliferate by a characteristic asymmetric division in which one daughter cell is committed to differentiation whereas the other remains a stem cell. These cells are also characterized by their ability to differentiate into various cell types under heterotopic environmental influences. In(More)
The control of arthropod vectors of pathogens that affect human and animal health is important for the eradication of vector-borne diseases. Recent evidences showed a reduction in the survival and/or fertility of mosquitoes, sand flies and poultry red mites fed in vitro with antibodies against the recombinant Aedes albopictus akirin. These experiments were(More)
OBJECTIVE In early infancy, various gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., constipation, regurgitation, crying/fussiness, infantile colic, and excessive gas) are common problems and may result in numerous visits to pediatricians. Worldwide, this often results in switching infant formulas because parents (and sometimes doctors) believe these symptoms reflect a(More)
Acutely ill children (n = 129) aged 1-6 years receiving antibiotic therapy were randomized to receive a nutritional supplement with (PS) or without (P) synbiotics or a fruit-flavored drink (D) with their medications. Group PS had significantly greater weight gains (versus D) following antibiotic therapy. The percentages of subjects without bacterial(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to measure the total potentially available nucleosides (TPAN) in breast milk from Asian women. METHODS One hundred sixty milk samples were collected from 135 healthy, lactating women in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Singapore at four stages of lactation: colostrum (1 to 3 days postpartum), transitional (7 to 10 days(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to compare the effects of an infant formula fortified with nucleotides (NF) with those of a control formula (CF) on the incidence of diarrhea, respiratory tract infections (RTIs), and immune responses in healthy term infants. METHODS This 12-month, double-blind study was conducted on 1- to 7-day-old infants randomized(More)
We have compared the effects of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP-27) on the five main cell types of rat anterior pituitary in primary culture by monitoring changes in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) in single fura-2-loaded cells. Cells were typed by multiple sequential primary immunocytochemistry at the end of the Ca2+(More)
A randomized clinical trial was completed to study the severity, duration, and nutritional outcome of acute diarrhea in 85 Peruvian children between 5 and 24 months of age who received a soy-protein-isolate, lactose-free formula (group SF) or one of two mixtures of home-available foods, all in amounts up to 110 kcal/kg of body weight/day. The mixed diets(More)
A double-masked clinical trial was conducted to assess the effects of inclusion of beans in a mixed diet for young Peruvian children with acute diarrhea. Dietary treatment consisted of either rice, beans, and vegetable oil (group RB, n = 25) or rice, soy-protein isolate, corn syrup solids, and vegetable oil (group RS, n = 21), each given in amounts up to(More)
Ninety-two subjects ages 36 to 60 months who had picky-eater behavior and evidence of growth faltering were randomized to receive either nutrition counseling alone, or nutrition counseling plus a nutritional supplement (Study) for 90 days. The Study group had significantly greater increases in weight and height. There were no significant differences between(More)