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The onset and prevalence of Campylobacter colonization in broilers and layers at commercial farms with low biosecurity in tropical climates were tested. Despite the presence of positive animals at the same farms, the broiler flocks tested negative until, on average, 21 days. Prelaying flocks showed a higher prevalence than laying flocks.
Single dose, subconjunctival injections of procaine penicillin using either skin or conjunctival routes of administration were evaluated in order to compare the duration of antibacterial concentrations at the site of Moraxella bovis infection. Samples of conjunctival sac fluid (CF) were collected using blunted capillary tubes and were periodically assayed(More)
Introduction Chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu) is prevalent in the North Central Province (NCP) of Sri Lanka and ingestion of dug well water is considered a potential causative factor. Three CKDu prevalent villages were selected from the NCP based on the number of CKDu patients in the locality. Methods Forty Wistar rats were divided into(More)
Sodium benzyl penicillin, procaine penicillin and benethamine penicillin were applied into the bovine conjunctival sac as an aqueous solution or in ointment form in order to study the concentration-time profiles. The series of treatments was repeated in five animals in a random sequence. Penicillin concentration in conjunctival sac fluid (CF) was determined(More)
A profile off the penicillin concentration in bovine conjunctival sac fluid (CF) was determined after a single subconjunctival injection of procaine penicillin (6 x 10(5) iu in 2ml). When the injection was made through the skin of the upper eye lid, the duration of therapeutic concentration was significantly greater (P<0.01) than when the injection had been(More)
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