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A direct agglutination test (DAT) for detection of visceral leishmaniasis in humans has been developed. In this study, it was evaluated for applicability to detection of infections in dogs, a reservoir species. The reliability of the test was improved by treating the test sera with 0.2 M 2-mercaptoethanol and incubating them at 37 degrees C. Sensitivity was(More)
X-ray scattering measurements at 8.3 A and 13.3 A are employed to study surface roughness down to 2.5-A rms. The x-ray setup is described, and its sensitivity is discussed. The scattering data are analyzed by electromagnetic scattering theory to give information about the surface roughness. Micrographs of the same surfaces are made by differential(More)
At SRON we are studying the performance of a Goddard Space Flight Center single pixel TES microcalorimeter operated in an AC bias configuration. For x-ray photons at 6 keV the pixel shows an x-ray energy resolution EFWHM = 3.7 eV, which is about a factor 2 worse than the energy resolution observed in an identical DC-biased pixel. In order to better(More)
Some simple formulas are derived to calculate the maximum effective area that can be obtained by Kirkpatrick-Baez, Wolter, and conical x-ray telescopes in those cases for which that area is limited by the focal length. Electroforming and epoxy replication techniques are reviewed, and the design and production technology chosen for the high throughput(More)
Efficiency and resolution measurements are reported of an x-ray transmission grating to be flown on board the European X-ray Observatory Satellite (EXOSAT). By optimizing the thickness of the grating bars, very high efficiencies can be obtained over a limited energy range. An absolute efficiency of 20% at 7.1 A decreasing to 10% above 15 A has been(More)
The European X-ray Observatory, EXOSAT, to be launched in 1981 will carry two Wolter I x-ray telescopes, each having a geometric area of ~100 cm(2). A qualification model of the Wolter I optics has been manufactured and extensively tested in optical and x-ray beams. The influence of manufacturing tolerances on the resolution of the optics is discussed, and(More)
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