P. A. Woodsford

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The paper surveys the reasons behind the trend towards the increasing integration of photogrammetric data acquisition and GIS databases, describing both the drivers and the resulting benefits. The shift from primary data acquisition to the maintenance and/or enhancement of increasingly rich datasets is discussed, and the assertion is made that this should(More)
The paper summarises the importance of spatial data quality, especially as data is used more and more in automated processes and decision-making, and as data is integrated or ‘joined-up’ from diverse sources. The distinction is made (Busch et al, 2004) between • logical consistency, i.e. consistency with respect to the data model, • consistency as regards(More)
The Laser-Scan HRD-1 is both a large screen, high resolution interactive storage display and a high quality precision film plotter. It is therefore relevant to both the interactive editing and the production aspects of computer graphics systems, and its characteristics are particularly suited to application areas such as automated cartography, in which(More)
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