P A Wielowieyski

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Novel splice variants of the alpha(1) subunit of the Ca(v)1.2 voltage-gated Ca(2+) channel were identified that predicted two truncated forms of the alpha(1) subunit comprising domains I and II generated by alternative splicing in the intracellular loop region linking domains II and III. In rabbit heart splice variant 1 (RH-1), exon 19 was deleted, which(More)
The sarcolemmal associated proteins (SLAPs) are encoded by multiple mRNAs that are presumably generated by alternative splicing mechanisms. The amino acid sequence of the SLAP1 isoform exhibited 76% identity with TOP(AP), a topographically graded antigen of the chick visual system. The regions of coiled-coil structure including an 11-heptad acidic(More)
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