P . A . Vijaya

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As the exchange of data over the open networks and Internet is rapidly growing, security of the data becomes a major concern. One possible solution to this problem is to encrypt the data. The data can be text, image, audio, video etc.. In today's world most of the multimedia applications involve images. Earlier image encryption techniques like AES,DES,RSA(More)
Electro-dermal response of any bio-medical system is the change in electrical properties of skin due to variation in physiological and psychological conditions. The change is caused by the degree to which a person’s sweat glands are active. Psychological status of a person tends to make the glands active and this change the skin resistance. Drier the skin(More)
This paper analyzes a renewal input working vacations queue with change over times and Bernoulli schedule vacation interruption under (a, c, b) policy. The service and vacation times are exponentially distributed. The server begins service if there are at least c units in the queue and the service takes place in batches with a minimum of size a and a(More)
Chaos-based cryptosystems have been studied extensively due to their superior properties in security and complexity. Recently, quite a lot of chaos-based image encryption schemes have been proposed. Most of them adopt the traditional permutation and diffusion operations. The drawbacks are: the architecture is not sensitive to changes in the plain-image and(More)
Cadmium is one of the toxic, hazardous metals widely dispersed in the environment in high levels. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the role of lycopene on hematological parameters in cadmium exposed mice. Albino mice were divided into four groups. Group I were control mice, group II received cadmium (0.32mg/kg bw) only, group III received olive(More)
Functional connectivity is the stochastic association or the dependency of two or more distinct brain regions. It is primarily used for finding patterns that are validated through statistical methods, in the context of brain connectivity. Quantification of functional connectivity is usually performed using Pearson's correlation coefficient (PCC). Many(More)
Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is a proposed new communication technology that seeks to expand the use of optical technology in switching systems. In this paper we propose a scheme to minimize the contention and to decrease a burst loss probability at OBS network. The key idea of the paper is that buffering is implemented in electronic domain. In addition we(More)
Volume 4, Issue 3, May – June 2015 Page 10 Abstract Feature extraction is known to be an effective way in both reducing computational complexity and increasing accuracy of Hyperspectral image classification. In this thesis work, a simple yet quite powerful feature extraction method is proposed. First, the hyper spectral image is partitioned into multiple(More)
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