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A new mechanism causing deterioration of the threshold voltage matching performance of MOSFETs is described. We demonstrate that this effect depends on several fundamental CMOS device architecture aspects such as the source/drain implant energies, the gate layer thickness, a gate top oxide layer thickness and the poly-silicon gate morphology. It is(More)
[in the text referred to as (C…)] C1 A. Mathewson et al. Design for reliability. Investigating the flat band voltage shift induced by rapid thermal annealing. Development and characterisation of an enzyme based amperometric sensor for the detection of lactate. test structures for metal and metal-oxide thin film characterisation. Efficient oxide-confined red(More)
We have developed in this work a new characterization methodology which includes stressing and measurement in a single experimental step. This overcomes the influence of the hole detrapping effect in ultra-thin gate-oxides (T/sub OX/=1.4-1.6 nm) and enables comparison of gate-oxide nitridation impacts on negative bias temperature instability (NBTI). This(More)
Interindividual variability is common at all stages of drug absorption, distribution, pharmacodynamics, metabolism and elimination. In this study, we focused on two enzymes involved in phase-I drug metabolism as markers of pharmacological variability: the CYP3A and CYP2D6 subsystems of cytochrome P450. The main aim of our study was to determine whether(More)
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