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Follistatin, an activin-binding protein, plays a key role in the modulation of activin-dependent functions. In the anterior pituitary, activin stimulates the synthesis and secretion of FSH. In the current study, we assessed the roles of locally produced activin and follistatin in the control of FSH gene expression and secretion. The anterior pituitary gland(More)
Follistatin (FS) binds activin and inhibin proteins. Many organs are sensitive to activin and inhibin; thus the formation of FS-activin/inhibin complexes is important to our understanding of ligand activity. Other investigators studying FS have detected large molecular weight immunoreactive FS bands (greater than the expected molecular weight of FS alone)(More)
Activin A (beta A-beta A) and activin B (beta B-beta B) are related dimeric proteins that regulate numerous cellular activities. Activin activity is bioneutralized by follistatin, a specific and high-affinity binding protein. Recently, our group developed specific and sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent activin assays that do not detect either activin(More)
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