P A Rushworth

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A prospective and follow up study of renal tubular and glomerular function in 11 children receiving ifosfamide treatment was conducted. Each child received between four and 14 courses of ifosfamide, given as a continuous infusion of 3 g/m2 over 24 hours for two or three days. Evidence of renal toxicity was seen in all patients. There was a treatment related(More)
An isocratic high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method is described using the natural fluorescence of phenylalanine and tyrosine compared with that of an internal standard N-methyl phenylalanine. Plasma precipitated with 6% perchloric acid was separated isocratically using a base-deactivated C18 column with 5% acetonitrile in water as the mobile(More)
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