P. A. Mortemousque

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The first damage-free top-down fabrication processes for a two-dimensional array of 7 nm GaAs nanodiscs was developed by using ferritin (a protein which includes a 7 nm diameter iron core) bio-templates and neutral beam etching. The photoluminescence of GaAs etched with a neutral beam clearly revealed that the processes could accomplish defect-free etching(More)
We study the injection mechanism of a single electron from a static quantum dot into a moving quantum dot. The moving quantum dots are created with surface acoustic waves (SAWs) in a long depleted channel. We demonstrate that the injection process is characterized by an activation law with a threshold that depends on the SAW amplitude and on the dot-channel(More)
Shifts from the expected nuclear magnetic resonance frequencies of antimony and bismuth donors in silicon of greater than a megahertz are observed in electrically detected magnetic resonance spectra. Defects created by ion implantation of the donors are discussed as the source of effective electric field gradients generating these shifts via quadrupole(More)
Related Articles Electron paramagnetic resonance studies of manganese centers in SrTiO3: Non-Kramers Mn3+ ions and spinspin coupled Mn4+ dimers J. Appl. Phys. 111, 104119 (2012) Electrical activation and electron spin resonance measurements of implanted bismuth in isotopically enriched silicon-28 Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 172104 (2012) Transformation and(More)
We present electrically detected electron nuclear double resonance measurements of the nuclear spins of ionized and neutral arsenic donors in strained silicon. In addition to a reduction of the hyperfine coupling, we find significant quadrupole interactions of the nuclear spin of the neutral donors of the order of 10 kHz. By comparing these to the(More)
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