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This paper presents the application of compact insulated gate bipolar transistor and p-i-n diode models, including features such as local lifetime control and field-stop technology, to the full electrothermal system simulation of a hybrid electric vehicle converter using a lookup table of device losses. The vehicle converter is simulated with an urban(More)
A fast power losses calculation method for long real time thermal simulation of IGBT module for a three-phase inverter system is presented in this paper. The speed-up is obtained by simplifying the representation of the three-phase inverter at the system modelling stage this allows a inverter system to be simulated predicting the effective voltages and(More)
This paper introduces an electro-thermal model of an inverter implemented in PLECS. This model is able to calculate IGBT junction temperature with a mission profile. Look up tables (LUT) of switching power loss are generated by running physics-based IGBT and diode models under different operating conditions. The inverter model interpolates power dissipation(More)
Simulation of power converters has traditionally been carried out using simplified models to shorten simulation time. This will compromise the accuracy of the results. A proposed fast simulation method for simulating converter losses and device temperatures over long mission profiles (load cycles) is described in this paper. It utilises accurate(More)
Numerical device simulations on a 4H-SiC 1.2 kV vertical MOSFET are presented. The TMA MEDICI device simulator was employed to carry out a characterization study of double implanted MOSFET (DIMOSFET) structures. Appropriate material parameters were adjusted for the 4H-SiC polytype used in this study. The simulations mainly focus on the reverse blocking(More)
The 4H-SiC Schottky diode with 2-step mesa junction termination extension (JTE) structure has been investigated and optimized using SILVACO device simulator. Comparisons between different JTE structures of breakdown voltage and electric field crowding for Schottky diodes have been made. Simulation results show that the Space Modulated two-zone JTE has the(More)