P. A. Martínez

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This contribution describes an accurate approach implementing a Time-to-Digital Converter using a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) device. Time differences with a FWHM better than 100 ps for 24 pairs of channels working simultaneously have been achieved. This was possible through the proper management of FPGA internal resources and by an accurate device(More)
The design of a high performance envelope detector is made in this work. Proposed circuit does not need the traditional compensation between keeping and tracking required in these circuits due to a system by what the signal peaks are held in two periods and combined to obtain the envelope of the signal. Simulation results are offered comparing both the(More)
In this paper we present a high frequency and low- voltage positive tunable CMOS transconductor using low cost 0.35 mum CMOS technology. The system works with 2.2 V supply voltage achieving operation frequencies and transconductances higher than 2 GHz and 750 muS. The circuit has been designed with an improved linearization technique based on the parallel(More)
This paper presents a robust digitally programmable CMOS analogue processor designed for sensor output conditioning in embedded applications. In addition, system adaptability allows for correction of the deviations in circuit operation due to ageing, mismatch or environmental effects, lending a smart nature to the devices. In order to tune the free(More)
This paper presents a complete low-voltage 3V single supply analog lock-in amplifier (LIA) based on phase sensitive detection technique (PSD) for processing AC sensor signals buried in noise in embedded wireless applications. Reference and bias sensor signals are provided by a quadrature oscillator. Experimental results confirm the capability of the(More)
The ever-increasing application of wireless sensor networks in many different fields is causing a growing demand of low-cost energy-efficient sensors for monitoring physical variables such as temperature, pressure or gas concentration. This paper presents a conditioning system for low-cost non-dispersive infrared gas sensors used to measure the(More)
A new approach to designing artificial neurons in CMOS technology is proposed in this paper. Design and simulation results of the basic building blocks are presented. Programmable weights are obtained using a current-mode mixed-signal four-quadrant multiplier, whereas the non-linear output function is implemented with a specifically designed class AB(More)
This paper introduces a high-precision sine quadrature oscillator based on single resistor-controlled oscillator configuration. It presents advantageous features such as independent control of the oscillation condition regarding to its oscillation frequency, a wide and precise frequency variation and amplitude stability in the whole operating range. To(More)
This paper presents a study of mismatch effects in a digitally programmable analogue processor designed for small embedded applications. Circuit programmability allows for its adaptation to deviations in circuit operation or environmental effects. Starting from circuit simulation data, the system-level operation is modelled, showing its robustness to(More)