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Herein we describe a Free-Wilson/Fujita-Ban QSAR (quantitative structure-activity relationship) analysis of the analgesic potency of over 50 semisynthetic opioid narcotics. The 3-hydroxy- and 3-methoxy-N-alkylmorphinan-6-ones of B/C-cis and -trans stereochemistry include compounds exhibiting structural variation at five positions [N-methyl (C17), oxygen at(More)
Recently published data on the affinities of 14 pairs of chiral ligands, (1,3-oxathiolanes) for muscarinic receptors in three different tissues were subjected to eudismic analyses. The enantiomeric eudismic-affinity correlations (EACs) found by Gualtieri et al. were confirmed and extended to the submolecular level: (1) regressions of the eudismic index (log(More)
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