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One hundred seven patients with pseudocyst managed during the past decade were reviewed. The mortality rate of 11.2 percent compares favorably with the rates in other recent series. Twenty-two percent of the patients were managed conservatively, and 76 underwent exploration. None of the nonoperative patients died from complications of the cyst. In all five(More)
The impacted common bile duct stone can be managed either surgically or radiologically using methods such as percutaneous basket extraction or endoscopic papillotomy. At operation, if an impacted common bile duct stone cannot be removed by the usual methods, duodenotomy and sphincteroplasty are indicated. If the patient's condition is good, sphincteroplasty(More)
In this study, 24 professional writers completed a short pencil-and-paper questionnaire on which they indicated how they felt before, at a pause, and after specific writing episodes. The intensity with which they experienced 20 emotions was assessed, as was the frequency with which these emotions were experienced when writing in general. Results indicated(More)
The value of the amylase--creatinine clearance ratio (ACCR) in the diagnosis of postoperative pancreatitis was prospectively assessed. In 77 patients undergoing operations known to have a significant incidence of postoperative pancreatitis (gastric, biliary or pancreatic) i.e. "high risk" group, the ACCR was abnormally elevated postoperatively in 36(More)
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