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Dacron is thrombogenic, hence small arterial grafts of this material frequently thrombose in the period prior to graft maturation. Anti-thrombotic therapy may therefore be indicated to preserve patency during this risk period. To evaluate the thrombogencity of immature Dacron grafts, platelet and fibrinogen kinetics using 51Cr and 125I respectively were(More)
Blood transfusion, that is the transference of blood from the circulation of one individual to that of another for practical therapeutic purposes, is of relatively recent origin. Although it only became a routine practical possibility during and shortly after the Second World War, the concept of the infusion of blood has a much longer history. Practical(More)
Some of the variables affecting factor VIII during storage of plasma at 4 C prior to preparing factor VIII concentrates and cryoprecipitates were investigated. No significant difference in factor VIII levels could be demonstrated between whole blood, platelet-rich plasma or plasma depleted of platelets when stored at 4 C. However, in frozen plasma platelets(More)
Nineteen female and sixteen male patients who have had their heart valves replaced with Lillehei-Kaster valves were investigated for haemolysis four to 18 months after operation. Investigation included serum lactic dehydrogenase, serum haptoglobins, and urine haemosiderin. Red cells survival, using autologous red cells labelled with 51Cr, was measured in 12(More)
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