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The ontogeny of basic, near-neutral and acidic glutathione S-transferase isoenzymes was studied by using chromatofocusing and ion-exchange chromatography. These isoenzyme sets demonstrated tissue-specific patterns of expression. For example, whereas basic isoenzymes were identified in all liver and adrenal cytosols obtained after 10 weeks gestation, these(More)
Bromosulphophthalein and N-ethylmaleimide, inhibitors of glutathione S-transferase (EC RX: glutathione R. transferase), have been used to identify variant forms of the erythrocyte enzyme. One 'atypical' sample was detected and was shown to have appreciably different kinetic and stability properties. These inhibitors may be useful in surveys of(More)
The developmental expression of the basic, near-neutral and acidic isoenzymes of glutathione S-transferase (RX:glutathione R-transferase, EC has been studied in heart and diaphragm. Neither these enzymes nor the putative muscle-specific GST4 isoenzyme demonstrated any developmental trends in expression. In vitro hybridisation and SDS-discontinuous(More)
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