P A Durkee

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  • P A Durkee, R E Chartier, A Brown, E J Trehubenko, S D Rogerson, C Skupniewicz +3 others
  • 1996
The physical and radiative properties of a composite ship track are described from the analysis of 131 ship– ship track correlation pairs collected during the Monterey Area Ship Track experiment. The significant variability of ship tracks around their average characteristics is also described. The nominal environmental conditions for the ship track set are(More)
Under stable meteorological conditions the effect of ship-stack exhaust on overlying clouds was detected in daytime satellite images as an enhancement in cloud reflectivity at 3.7 micrometers. The exhaust is a source of cloud-condensation nuclei that increases the number of cloud droplets while reducing droplet size. This reduction in droplet size causes(More)
Anomalously high reflectivity tracks in stratus and stratocumulus sheets associated with ships (known as ship tracks) are commonly seen in visible and near-infrared satellite imagery. Until now there have been only a limited number of in situ measurements made in ship tracks. The Monterey Area Ship Track (MAST) experiment, which was conducted off the coast(More)
  • S Platnick, P A Durkee, K Nielsen, J P Taylor, S.-C Tsay, M D King +3 others
  • 2000
The authors investigate the extent to which the contrast brightness of ship tracks, that is, the relative change in observed solar reflectance, in visible and near-infrared imagery can be explained by the microphysics of the background cloud in which they form. The sensitivity of visible and near-infrared wavelengths for detecting reflectance changes in(More)
A remotely piloted aircraft research facility is described that will provide new capabilities for atmospheric and oceanographic measurements. The aircraft can fly up to 24 h over remote ocean regions, at low or high altitude, and in various other challenging mission scenarios. The aircraft will fly research missions at speeds of 40 m s-1 and provide high(More)
  • R Adler, G Huffman, D Bolvin, S Curtis, E Nelkin, M R Schoeberl +40 others
  • 2001
2000: Tropical rainfall distributions determined using TRMM combined with other satellite and raingauge information. A lagrangian view of stratospheric trace gas distributions. A lagrangian simulation of supersonic and subsonic aircraft exhaust emissions. The manifestation of the madden-julian oscillation in global deep convection and in the schumann(More)
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