P. A. D. Rickard

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Seven of 30 yeast stock cultures, covering nine genera, and 13 of 39 yeasts isolated from grapes gave positive reactions when screened for pectinolytic activity on pectin gel plates. The seven stock cultures covered six species and four genera. Only one of the yeasts, Saccharomyces fragilis Y49, excreted discernible pectinolytic activity into the fluid of(More)
A highly cellulolytic Cellulomonas mutant, CS1-17, has been shown to be improved over the original parent strain, CS1-1, with respect to xylanase and β-xylosidase activities. From induction studies during growth on xylan, crystalline cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose it can be deduced that, although both activities have been similarly affected by the(More)
"Oxygraph" apparatus was used to measure quantitatively the kinetics of oxidation of synthetic covellite (CuS) in the presence and absence of Thiobacillus species. The expected stoichiometric relationship between oxygen consumed and cupric sulphate produced was verified by atomic absorption assays of cupric ion and sulphate ion. Thiobacillus cultures(More)
A thermodynamic feasibility study was applied as a means of predicting suitable energy-yielding substrates for growth of sulphate-reducing microorganisms. The average free energy release per electron pair for a substrate-sulphate oxidoreduction may be more or less than the energy requirement for ATP synthesis from ADP and Pi. Substrates were divided into(More)