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*Ideas and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not represent official positions of the United University Professions or its associates. Abstract Blackboard Inc. provides powerful and easy-to-use systems for educational instruction, communication, and assessment. In the last three years, Blackboard Inc. has marketed two major(More)
Lisbeth Gronlund is co-director and senior scientist of the UCS Global Security Program. David Lochbaum is director of the nuclear safety project in the UCS Global Security Program. Edwin Lyman is a senior staff scientist in the UCS Global Security Program. The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy(More)
New dangerous tree assessment guidelines have recently been developed by the Wildlife Tree Committee of British Columbia. They are intended to provide information and technical procedures for assessing and safely retaining trees in various situations, ranging from parks and urban/municipal settings to industrial forestry activities and wildland fire(More)
Spatial Policy Analysis was formed to undertake research in the areas of urban policy evaluation, economic development, industrial restructuring, labour market studies, spatial epidemiology and health policy, geographical information systems, and environmental monitoring and management. Much of S.P.A.’s work in these areas has been externally funded,(More)
Historically computer personnel have had the reputation of working for the profession and not the company. In this relatively new field the data processor has enjoyed a mobility of job opportunities between industries that just does not exist in most other professions. This tool "the computer" is being used more and more extensively in diverse applications(More)
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