P. A. Balakrishnan

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Problem statement: The temperature control in plastic extrusion machine is an important factor to produce high quality plastic products. The first order temperature control system in plastic extrusion comprises of coupling effects, long delay time and large time constants. Controlling temperature is very difficult as the process is multistage process and(More)
In this paper Genetic Algorithm based Fuzzy Logic Controller for temperature control in a plastic extrusion is developed and tested through a simulation study. A novel GA based FLC method is implemented to design a practicable advanced controller. Manifest feature of the proposed method is smoothing of undesired control signal of mamdani type FLC(More)
I-PD controller is one of the variants of PID controller that eliminates proportional and derivative kick. In this paper, the effect of I-PD controller with the Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO) method for a first order integrating system with delay is presented. The performance of PSO optimized I-PD controller is analyzed with individual(More)
The process by which the world outside is seen is termed as visual process or physiology of vision. There are three phases in this visual process: phase of refraction of light, phase of conversion of light energy into electrical impulse and finally peripheral and central neurophysiology. With the advent of modern instruments step by step biochemical changes(More)
This paper presents a fuzzy tuned modified PID (Proportional Integral and Derivative) controller to control the part cooling temperature of plastic injection molding machine. In order to achieve effective and efficient control, Integral plus Proportional and Derivative (I-PD) controller is proposed. With the surface temperature as the set point, the flow(More)
In this paper, I-PD controller is designed and controller parameters are optimized using particle swarm intelligence for a First Order Lag Integrating plus Time Delayed model (FOLIPD). One of the modifications of PID controller is I-PD controller, which can be used for eliminating the proportional and derivative kick occurs during set point change. The(More)
The model of the new zero-voltage and zero current switching energy recovery display driver for a Plasma Display Panel is proposed. This operation helps to achieve the zero-voltage turn on of all main power switches and zero-current turn-off of all auxiliary power switches, reduce the EMI noise, current stress in Mode 2 and Mode 3 operation, and improve the(More)
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