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The efficacy and safety of two dosages of tolcapone were compared in a 12-week crossover trial involving 118 nonfluctuating patients with PD on a stable dose of levodopa (L-Dopa). At trial onset, all patients received open-label tolcapone 100 mg three times daily for 4 weeks. At week 4, 116 eligible patients entered an 8-week double-blind treatment period(More)
The potent and selective dopamine D-2 agonist, MK-458 [PHNO; (+)-4-propyl-9-hydroxynaphthoxazine] was administered as monotherapy to nine patients with Parkinson's disease in a double-blind, placebo-controlled 12-week investigation; ten other patients were randomized to placebo. MK-458 was formulated as a controlled-release preparation, using a(More)
Adjunctive treatment with the very potent and selective dopamine D-2 agonist MK-458 (controlled-release formulation) improved the control of parkinsonism in patients with fluctuating responses to levodopa therapy (with carbidopa). We subsequently switched patients to adjunctive treatment with pergolide, a less potent D-2 agonist. Pergolide therapy(More)
1. Four putative glutamate antagonists (L-glutamate diethyl ester, L-glutamate dimethyl ester, L-proline and 1-hydroxy-3-amino-pyrrolidone-2) were tested on the isolated hemisected toad spinal cord. 2. 1-hydroxy-3-amino-pyrrolidone-2 (10(-3)-10(-2) M) selectively antagonized the depolarizations evoked in both dorsal and ventral roots by applications of(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess whether an association exists between drainage to multiple basins and lymphatic metastasis in patients with truncal melanoma. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 227 patients with primary malignant melanoma between January 2006 and December 2009. All patients received an intradermal injection of (99m)Tc-nanocolloid and(More)
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