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Development of ornamental characters exposed to directional selection may be particularly sensitive to the effect of parasitic infections. Antlers are ornamental characters of importance in intraspecific interactions, and are in reindeer (Rangifer) developed by both males and females. By antihelmintic treatment of naturally infected female reindeer we show(More)
If common processes generate size-abundance relationships among all animals, then similar patterns should be observed across groups with different ecologies, such as parasites and free-living animals. We studied relationships among body size, life-history traits, and population intensity (density in infected hosts) among nematodes parasitizing mammals.(More)
Models have predicted that directly transmitted macroparasites may influence the abundance of forage plants in herbivore grazing systems by reducing the food intake of their host. Evidence of parasite-induced alterations in host food intake is, however, limited mainly to sheep, cattle and laboratory rodents. We estimated the effect of naturally acquired(More)
" There are epidemics of opinion as well as of disease " Sir B. Brodie 1856 In recent years modern parasite ecology has experienced an epidemic of ideas. We now examine where we think the focus of work will concentrate over the next five years 9. 1 I n t r o d u c t i o n Prediction is a notoriously difficult task in any field of biology. The editors of(More)
An experiment was performed on semiwild reindeer with naturally acquired parasite infections to assess whether measures of serum pepsinogen concentration and fecal egg counts can be used to predict effects of abomasal nematodes on reindeer weight gain and food intake. Food intake and weight gains were lower in infected calves compared with calves where(More)
Thenorvzegian electronics industry In terms of production volume the electronics industry accounts for a l i t t l e over one per cent of the nations GNP-or about 300 M $. The industry is made up of some 75 companies, of which only five employ more than fifteen hundred people, and only one of these five is exclusively engaged in electronics. The main(More)
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