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The effect of physical factors on fish species composition was studied during 12 months inAsa Lake, Nigeria. Fish and water samples were collected bimonthly (March 2003 to February 2004) in the morning. Fish samples were caught with gill nets set at the surface and bottom habitats. There were 11 fish families and 21 species. Osteoglossidae, Anabantidae,(More)
The benefit derived from the creation of man-made lakes in Nigeria and other developing countries is usually associated with great risks. Whenever we establish a dam, it appears we dam the inherent consequences to the detriment of man and his environment. Debts were incurred by the countries concerned, man and animals were displaced, arable lands destroyed(More)
The pectoral spines of Synodontis schall (n = 813) were examined for 24 months. Mean length for the right (3.2 cm) and left (3.1 cm) pectoral spines were not significantly different [P > 0.05]. However, the male and female pectoral spine lengths were significantly different (P < 0.05). A fractured pectoral spine in one of the specimens was shorter than the(More)
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