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Relationship among modern health worries (MHWs), somatosensory amplification (SSA), and attributional styles was investigated in a cross-sectional questionnaire study. A total of 99 university students, 104 patients visiting their General Practitioners, and 102 future alternative therapists completed questionnaires assessing MHWs, SSA, negative affect (NA),(More)
Functionally related groups of neurons spatially cluster together in the brain. To detect groups of functionally related neurons from 3D histological data, we developed an objective clustering method that provides a description of detected cell clusters that is quantitative and amenable to visual exploration. This method is based on bubble clustering (Gupta(More)
Having a detailed wiring diagram of brain circuits and substantial numbers of 3D reconstructions of neurons would help immensely with modeling their operation but surprisingly few of the reconstructions which have been done by neuroanatomy labs are available electronically. And even where they are, the data from different labs and brain regions are hard to(More)
The health of the Hungarian population is not as good as it could be according to the socioeconomic development of the country. Since unhealthy behavior is widespread in the population, behavior change seems to be an appropriate tool to improve health in Hungary. To develop effective interventions, it is first necessary to identify homogeneous groups of(More)
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