Péter Vajda

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Parameter control is still one of the main challenges in evolutionary computation. This paper is concerned with controlling selection operators on-the-fly. We perform an experimental comparison of such methods on three groups of test functions and conclude that varying selection pressure during a GA run often yields performance benefits, and therefore is a(More)
This paper describes morphdb.hu, a Hungarian lexical database and morphological grammar. Morphdb.hu is the outcome of a several-year collaborative effort and represents the resource with the widest coverage and broadest range of applicability presently available for Hungarian. The grammar resource is the formalization of well-founded theoretical decisions(More)
[1] We use the CRUST 2.0 crustal model and the EGM08 geopotential model to compile global maps of the gravity disturbances corrected for the gravitational effects (attractions) of the topography and of the density contrasts of the oceans, sediments, ice, and the remaining crust down to the Moho discontinuity. Techniques for a spherical harmonic analysis of(More)
To reduce the numerical complexity of inverse solutions to large systems of discretised integral equations in gravimetric geoid/quasigeoid modelling, the surface domain of Green's integrals is subdivided into the near-zone and far-zone integration sub-domains. The inversion is performed for the near zone using regional detailed gravity data. The far-zone(More)
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