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The behaviour of mobile counterions, Na+ and K+, was analysed around a B-DNA double helix with the sequence CCATGCGCTGAC in aqueous solution during two 50 ns long molecular dynamics trajectories. The movement of both monovalent ions remains diffusive in the presence of DNA. Ions sample the complete space available during the simulation time, although(More)
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations including water and counterions on B-DNA oligomers containing all 136 unique tetranucleotide basepair steps are reported. The objective is to obtain the calculated dynamical structure for at least two copies of each case, use the results to examine issues with regard to convergence and dynamical stability of MD on DNA,(More)
We describe herein a computationally intensive project aimed at carrying out molecular dynamics (MD) simulations including water and counterions on B-DNA oligomers containing all 136 unique tetranucleotide base sequences. This initiative was undertaken by an international collaborative effort involving nine research groups, the "Ascona B-DNA Consortium"(More)
The conformational pathways and the free energy variations for base opening into the major and minor grooves of a B-DNA duplex are studied using umbrella sampling molecular dynamics simulations. We compare both GC and AT base pair opening within a double-stranded d(GAGAGAGAGAGAG)* d(CTCTCTCTCTCTC) oligomer, and we are also able to study the impact of(More)
In the crystal structures of protein complexes with B-DNA, alpha and gamma DNA backbone torsion angles often exhibit non-canonical values. It is not known if these alternative backbone conformations are easily accessible in solution and can contribute to the specific recognition of DNA by proteins. We have analysed the coupled transition of the alpha and(More)
The assembly of DNA duplexes into higher-order structures plays a major role in many vital cellular functions such as recombination, chromatin packaging and gene regulation. However, little is currently known about the molecular structure and stability of direct DNA-DNA interactions that are required for such functions. In nature, DNA helices minimize(More)
DNA supercoiling plays a major role in many cellular functions. The global DNA conformation is however intimately linked to local DNA-DNA interactions influencing both the physical properties and the biological functions of the supercoiled molecule. Juxtaposition of DNA double helices in ubiquitous crossover arrangements participates in multiple functions(More)
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