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In this paper we will introduce a new index of interactivity between marginal possibility distributions A and B of a joint possibility distribution C. The starting point of our approach is to equip each γ-level set of C with a uniform probability distribution, then the probabilistic correlation coefficient between its marginal probability distributions is(More)
The main objective of the paper is to introduce how the concept of tensor HOSVD (higher order singular value decomposition) can be carried over to the TP (tensor product) dynamic models. We term this decomposition as HOSVD based canonical form of TP model or polytopic model form. The key idea and the basic concept of this decomposition was proposed recently(More)
The main objective of the paper is to study the recently proposed tensor product distributed compensation (TPDC) based design framework in the case of observer and controller design. The TPDC links the TP model transformation and the parallel distributed compensation (PDC) framework. The study is conducted trough the output feedback control design of the(More)
Car body deformation modeling plays a very important role in crash accident analyses, as well as in safe car body design. The determination of the energy absorbed by the deformation and the corresponding Energy Equivalent Speed can be of key importance, however their precise determination is a very difficult task. Although, using the results of crash tests,(More)
— The main objective of the paper is to study the approximation and complexity trade-off capabilities of the recently proposed Tensor Product Distributed Compensation (TPDC) based control design framework. The TPDC is the combination of the TP model transformation and the Parallel Distributed Compensation (PDC) framework. The TP model transformation(More)