Péter Várlaki

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In this paper we will introduce a new index of interactivity between marginal possibility distributions A and B of a joint possibility distribution C. The starting point of our approach is to equip each γ-level set of C with a uniform probability distribution, then the probabilistic correlation coefficient between its marginal probability distributions is(More)
Autonomous robot navigation is an important research field because these robots can solve problems where the human presence is impossible, dangerous, expensive, or uncomfortable. In this paper, a new hybrid autonomous navigation method is introduced. The algorithm is composed of visible/shortest path global navigation and simple potential field based local(More)
High dynamic range (HDR) of illumination may cause serious distortions and other problems in viewing and further processing of digital images. This paper describes a new algorithm for HDR image creation based on merging images taken with different exposure time. There are many fields, in which HDR images can be used advantageously, with the help of them the(More)