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Molecular beam epitaxially grown fullerene layers are investigated with the help of image processing. The layered structures are studied in morphological respect. The individual layer morphologies are derived from the atomic force microscopy picture of the surface. The pattern morphology of the certain layers is analysed by box counting method. The surface(More)
Because the composition and the thickness of the thin films are very important for the fabrication of the devices, in this study we have undertaken the determination of the composition and the thickness of the RF sputtered amorphous silicon alloy thin films deposited at room temperature under very different preparation conditions by using various(More)
1. Introduction In a recent work the effect of layer thicknesses on the memory hysteresis behaviour of MNOS (metal-nitride-oxide-semiconductor) and SONOS (silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon) non-volatile memory structures was studied by computer simulation [1]. The main goal of the simulations was to understand our earlier experimental results [2-4]. The(More)
The two basic types of memory elements used in non-volatile (EEPROM and flash) memories are the floating gate and the SONOS (silicon-oxide-nitrideoxide-silicon) field effect transistors (FETs). Floating gate memory arrays face difficulties with technology scale-down. The main problem is that through defects or weak points of tunnel oxide with reduced(More)
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