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From 1 August 1993 until 30 September 1994, 69 couples suffering from azoospermia underwent testicular sperm extraction and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. In 50 couples with obstructive azoospermia a total of 631 metaphase-II oocytes were injected after testicular sperm extraction yielding a 2-PN fertilization rate of 57%. In female patients <40 years of(More)
Fertility issues should be addressed to all patients in reproductive age before cancer treatment. In men, cryopreservation of sperm should be offered to all cancer patients in reproductive age regardless of the risk of gonadal failure. In women, the recommendation of fertility preservation should be individualized based on multiple factors such as the(More)
Data regarding the afferent circulation of the liver in patients with primary hepatocellular carcinoma are controversial, we have carried out measurement of hepatic arterial and portal venous flow intraoperatively by transit time ultrasonic volume flowmetry. In patients with primary hepatocellular carcinoma the hepatic artery flow increased to 0.55 +/-(More)
The intraoperative measurement of the afferent circulation of the liver, namely the hepatic artery flow and portal venous flow was carried out upon 14 anesthetized patients having carcinoma in the splanchnic area, mainly in the head of the pancreas by means of transit time ultrasonic volume flowmeter. The hepatic artery flow, portal venous flow and total(More)
The relationship between the changes in portal venous and hepatic arterial blood flows, in the liver is a much disputed question, it has tremendous significance in the practice of transplantation, and an explanation has been available since 1981, when Lautt published the so-called "adenosine washout theory". According to our earlier observations the(More)
The geodesic graph of Riemannian spaces all geodesics of which are orbits of 1-parameter isometry groups is constructed by J. Szenthe in 1976 and it became a basic tool for studying such spaces, called g.o. spaces. This infinitesimal structure corresponds to the reductive complement m in the case of naturally reductive spaces. The systematic study of(More)
In the year 1944 R. H. Bruck has described a very general construction method which he called the extension of a set by a quasigroup. We use it to construct a class of examples for LF-quasigroups in which the image of the map e(x) = x\x is a group. More generally, we consider the variety of quasigroups which is defined by the property that the map e is an(More)
The surface of a nonwetting droplet is separated from a solid surface by a continuous supply of a lubricating gas film within the apparent contact region. Under certain conditions, e.g., application of an external excitation force, the gas film thickness can decrease to a level where intermolecular forces cause the droplet to wet the surface. The thickness(More)