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Dielectric spectroscopy measurements have been performed on a bent-core nematic liquid crystal and on its binary mixtures with a calamitic nematic. We have detected more dispersions in the bent-core compound than in the calamitic one, including one at an unusually low frequency of a few kilohertz. The dispersions detected in the mixtures have been(More)
Hip rotation in extension and flexion was studied in 23 patients with idiopathic intoeing gait. In extension all the hips had markedly increased medial rotation and limited lateral rotation, fulfilling the criteria of excessive femoral anteversion. In flexion, however, rotation varied widely; in one group of patients medial rotation remained greater than(More)
The effect of director pretilt on the twist magnetic Fréedericksz transition of nematics was investigated in a planar cell. The director configuration was calculated as a function of magnetic inductance. The dielectric and optical response of the nematic liquid crystal was numerically modeled. A dielectric measurement method for determining the elastic(More)
The temporal evolution of patterns within the driving period of the ac voltage was studied in the 10-mHz-250-Hz frequency range. It was shown that the stationary electroconvection pattern of the conductive regime transforms into a flashing one at ultralow frequencies, existing only in narrow time windows within the period. Furthermore a transition between(More)
Using a combination of dynamic light scattering and Freedericksz transitions induced in applied magnetic and electric fields, we have determined the absolute magnitudes of the Frank elastic constants and effective orientational viscosities of the bent-core nematic liquid crystal, 4-chloro-1,3-phenylene bis 4-[4'-(9-decenyloxy)benzoyloxy] benzoate. At a(More)
The inner mitochondrial membrane has been shown to have a novel structure that contains tubular components whose radii are on the order of 10 nm as well as comparatively flat regions [1]. The structural organization of mitochondria is important to understanding their functionality. We present a model that can account, thermodynamically, for the observed(More)
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