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PEIR, the Personal Environmental Impact Report, is a participatory sensing application that uses location data sampled from everyday mobile phones to calculate personalized estimates of environmental impact and exposure. It is an example of an important class of emerging mobile systems that combine the distributed processing capacity of the web with the(More)
Mobiscopes extend the traditional sensor network model, introducing challenges in data management and integrity, privacy, and network system design. Researchers need an architecture and general methodology for designing future mobiscopes. A mobiscope is a federation of distributed mobile sensors into a taskable sensing system that achieves high-density(More)
It has been hypothesized that the Finnish language is well suited to speech-to-text conversion for the communication aids of the hearing impaired. In a related study it was shown that, depending on context, 10 to 20 % of phoneme errors can be tolerated with good comprehension when reading text converted from raw phonemic recognition. Two sets of phoneme(More)
Widgets are embeddable objects that provide easy and ubiquitous access to dynamic information sources, e.g., weather, news or TV program information. Interactions with widgets take place through a so-called widget engine, which is a specialized client-side runtime component that also provides functionalities for managing widgets. As the number of supported(More)
This paper introduces a method that generates simulated multimodal input to be used in testing multimodal system implementations, as well as to build statistically motivated multi-modal integration modules. The generation of such data is inspired by the fact that true mul-timodal data, recorded from real usage scenarios , is difficult and costly to obtain(More)
Social interaction is an essential element of our daily lives. One could argue that such interaction is even more important while on vacation. To showcase certain technology enablers, we implement a cruise ship scenario with a few advanced applications. The cruise ship scenario serves not only as a tangible goal but also as a metaphor: these applications(More)
– Personal mobile devices are all ubiquitous in many forms like mobile handsets, PDAs, etc. Their features and computational powers make them a very capable platform for wireless sensing and mobile agents. We present Magrathea: A mobile agent-and sensing platform that is built on top of mobile smart phones. We discuss the motivation behind the platform,(More)